Matthew 5:14-16

"You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden. Nor do people light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on a stand, and it gives light to all in the house. In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven." ~Matthew 5:14-16

Monday, December 13, 2010

"Let your light shine...."

Hello and welcome to my site. Well, as it's said, "the best place to begin is at the beginning." And so, that's where I shall begin. At the beginning of how this site came into being....

I saw an excellent (highly recommended) series called "The Truth Project" during one of our adult Sunday school classes back in the Fall of this year. I was awed by the things I saw in the films, and although I felt more than stuffed full of  various Scripture verses and facts, it only increased my appetite for more. The question that touched me most was that if I truly believed what I believed to be true, how would I be living?

That only released the tidal flow of questionings within my mind: What choices would I be taking towards sharpening my knowledge of Scripture? What changes would I be making in my life, knowing the Truth? I wasn't satisfied with any sort of stagnant behavior. As a Christian, I am commanded to learn and grow, renewing my mind. I felt like Christian, from Pilgrim's Progress, when he tarries in that place of rest and awakes, journeying onward, only to realize what he has done. Oh what shame and realization to have fallen to sleep for so long in a place of rest and comfort!

When asked theological questions, my discomfort and internal embarrisment at not knowing how to respond was heart-breaking for me. When you have a treasure, something of value, do you hide it? Conceal it? No! You share it, exclaiming: "Look! Look! How amazing! How beautiful! See what has been given to me? Isn't it beautiful!" But I had slept, and this lack of study became evident when I realized my thirst and hunger for the Word as I watched those videos each week.

During the weeks after the study had completed, I dozed back into my former state of contentment. Excited (certainly!), about the Gospel, but I had not done anything towards the promises I insisted upon in my nightly conversations with God. I promised time with Him and to dig into Scriptures. I know very well that He sat, patiently waiting for me all day, excited to spend time with me, and I excused it with "maybe later" or "Oh I'm sooo busy!" And I'd yet to realize the filth I was collecting in my life. Things I needed to purge out. It took the solemn concerns of close godly friends (to my pals - you may not know what you have done, but thank you! That must have taken courage for I was on the defensive!) for me to finally see what I had filled my mind with. I struggled for weeks before packaging up the dark series of books, lovingly touching the covers, but feeling very ill inside because I knew now that it was causing me to fall and stumble about in the mires of sin. I shipped them off to a family member to be sold, as I couldn't bear to sell them, I was too attached. I made a promise to God that if they were sold, with the money made from them, I would purchase my very own study bible.

I began righting my heart in prayerful conversations with God. Being a Christian is no religion (man trying to get to God), but it is a relationship with God, a relationship that is built strong, just like any other relationship: it is built on time...time together. I started looking for a Bible, prepping myself to purchase it. I wanted an ESV Bible, preferably a John MacArthur study Bible. But that didn't come up, didn't exist anywhere I looked. Within two weeks, I received a letter from Grace To You informing me that I had been chosen to receive free a newly released version in John MacArthur study Bibles. I near-dropped the letter because it was exactly what I had hoped to find! It would arrive in 5-7 business days. Within about a week and a half, every bit of that entrapping series had been sold off. I couldn't put the money towards the Bible as I had promised, so I sent it as an offering to be used for the ministry.

So here I am, pondering one day between the loads of laundry and various chores, that perhaps what I'm gleaning from Scripture and what I'm learning, shouldn't be kept to myself, but shared. I decided I should do something about it. But as to what, that part was simply elusive. And with the ever-present desire that what I know not remain hidden, locked within myself, but shared and proclaimed! The verse about a city on a hill, the lamp put on a lampstand to give light to the occupants of the house, knawed at my thoughts. Here I was, certainly not forcing a basket over the top of my light, but just letting it peak out from the basket! Just like in the days of childhood, when I would attempt to hide beneath a blanket late at night, flick on the flashlight I'd snuck from my mom's bedside, so I could read (I want you to know: That light would give me away every time I tried. Isn't it interesting to note: A light shining in the darkness is simply much easier to spot than in daylight). Aren't we commanded to let our lights shine before men? My thoughts constantly rolled over these things. Certainly, I was and am being used in the lives of those around me.

I did not know Believers are to be theologians (theos-God, logos-word: the study of God's Word), but we are! It is commanded of us to know the Words of Scripture and to memorize them. This is a big part of putting on our Armor. It has been said, "A Bible that is falling apart is the sign of a Christian who is not." I have re-dedicated myself to the studying of Scripture, and to my growth as a Christian. Surely now I will encounter obstacles that will seek to hinder me, but! I must press forward, my eyes transfixed on the Lord for my strength, because I am weak and nothing without Him. Therefore, with my eyes focused upon Him, I will be unashamed to shine. 

I have created this page in hopes that it will encourage and uplift you as you Walk with the Savior. I pray all you see here in the confines of this blog is Jesus Christ, for it is Him alone that I desire to exalt with praise and great joy: "Come and see! Here is the jewel of greatest worth! I was once dead in my sins, and He chose me and gave me new life! I am alive because my penalty of sin has been paid by His sacrifice. I have been purchased with the blood of Jesus that has been spilled on the cross at Calvary! Oh how wonderful, how beautiful, is He that has created a new work in me!"

Until my next post,
Farewell and God bless.

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